Yes, there’s even an app for that!

The days of actually going into a fast food restaurant and standing in a line to place your order may soon be over, at least if you live in Salt Lake City, Utah or Austin, Texas, for now.

Leslie Patton, in her Bloomberg posting of September 10, 2013, let us know that McDonald’s is now testing a mobile app that will allow persons to use their mobiles to place orders and then visit a McDonald’s location; be it in store, drive-thru or curbside, to pick it up. What’s more, this new offering will include a loyalty program.

McDonald’s continues to embrace technology as part of its offering as it introduced an app to find McDonald’s locations, obtain nutritional information and find job vacancies in 2011, to name a few. Why is finding nutritional information important to McDonald’s? Well, the company has been trying to reach the Millennial market.

Why is this so important? Because Millennials are the way of the future, as the Marketing Executives Group advises.

The possibilities are endless at this point. Note to developers continue to create mobile apps that allow companies/brands new and innovative ways to increase and maintain their reach, especially in relation to marketing to millennials and you’ll be enjoying commissions gold.

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